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Tribute by Dr. Yakub Gangat
Ahmedbhai and I both hail from Gujarat. Our ancestral villages are just 15 kilometers apart. But, we only came to know each other and develop a friendship many years later. Continue Reading...
Tribute by Mrs. Farida Gangat
I have known Ahmedbhai since childhood, as he is related to my bhabhi. But, then I got married and left India, and we lost contact. So, when my husband Yakub, become friend with himso many years later, it was nice to reconnect and be able to remember old times. Continue Reading...
Tribute by Dr. M.D. Lockhat
Mr. Ahmedbhai Patel Sahib, I was shocked to learn the death of Ahmedbhai few weeks ago, --kalu inna----. Pray ALLAH he gets the best place in Jannat. Continue Reading...
Tribute by Mr. Cassim Ginwala
Assalamualaikum W.W.
Mr. Cassim Ginwala And Family. From Preston, Lancs. UK-Kosad, Gujarat, India. Haji Mahmud Late Yusuf Amirat Family At -aungban-myanmar, India, Canada Rest Of World Offer Heartful Deeply Condolence Recent Death sOf Your Brother-in-law Mr. Ahmed Patel Piraman-Gujarat-India Continue Reading...
Tribute by Mr. Ibrahim Wadiwala
This is Ibrahim Wadiwala from Houdton, Texas, U.S.A.
Mr. Ahmedbhai was a great person, kind and humble.
I never showed anyone like him in the Continue Reading...
Keeping in view the sincere wish and to honour the feelings of our well wishers of abroad, the managing committee and the board of council of our society have decided to convey  73rd Annual General Meeting of The Suratee Sunni Vohra Muslim Education Society on  31 January 2021 (Sunday), 10:30 A.M. sharply at our A.Y.Dadabhai Technical Institute, Kosamba. Patron, Wise Patron, Life Member, Village Representatives and co-opt members are requested to present in this meeting.
Late Janab Ahmed Mohammed Patel

Janab Ahmedbhai Mohammed Patel Saheb, beloved of all Indians, Son of Gujarat, Political Advisor of Soniyaji, a huge Congress Leader (Chanakaya), Managing trustee Of Vohra society-Surat, member of parliament, Native & origin of Piraman Village (Dist. Bharuch) who had given many selfless help to all communities.
                        On 25/11/2020, Wednesday Sad demise of Janab Ahmedbhai Patel at Delhi & on 26/11/2020,Thursday his burial ceremony was held at his home town Piraman.
                        He had contributed his whole life in serving Congress Party, Along with this he also served many Industries, Government institutes, Started Railway stoppages, Narrow gauge, Broad gauge Railway line, Narmada River bridge, Over bridge joining villages & cities, Charitable trusts, Mosques, Temples, Church, Gurudwars, Madresa Schools, Colleges, Banks, Cemetery and innumerable religious, social, public and Educational institutes had given selfless service to all this works.
                        Late Ahmedbhai had helped many poor people, orphans, widows and needy people not only as a leader but also as a person.
                        He always guided people in times of hardships and was loyal, honest, impressive, human lover, and serve each and every person without any partiality.
                        It had been a great loss to entire community, vohra society and will never overcome absence of such great person.

Assalamu Alaikum w.w.
From the death ofMy Father to till date, Hundreds of people send their condolence towards my family through various mediums. I am very much thankful to all of you to give my family .... Continue Reading...
Ahmed Patel, Known to the world as a powerful man, a political strategist, a king maker but for me he was simple PAPA. A Pious, simple man with simple need, the kind of austerity he lead his life with is an inspiration. .... Continue Reading...
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Snaps of Ahmedbhai

1976 - Member of Ankleshwar Taluka Panchayat

1977 - Member of Parliament (Loksabha) at the age of 26

1980 and 1984 - Member of Parliament (Loksabha)

1999, 2006, 2011, and 2017 - Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha)

1977 to 1982 - Chairman of Gujarat youth congress.

1983 to 1984 - Joint Secretary at AICC

1985 to 1986 - General Sectretary at AICC.

1985 - Parliamentary secretary of ex PM Rajiv Gandhi.

1986 - Chairman of Gujarat Congress

1991 - Member of Congress Working committe.

1996 - Treasurer of AICC

2000 - Political Advisor of Sonia Gandhi.

2006 - Member of Waqf joint parlamentary committe.

Youngest chairman of Gujarat congress committe.

2nd Muslim leader elected as member of parliament in Gujarat.

                     Late AHMEDBHAI PATEL,  Today it trembles my hand to write "LATE" before his name. Beloved and mentor of all senior Congress Leader, Member of Parliament, Son of Gujarat, socially active, skilled person, making efforts for the development of Ankleshwar & Bharuch, Always smiling face, religious in his personal life, Namazi etc. was the identity of Ahmedbhai. He was native of Piraman, Tal : Ankleshwar, Dist : Bharuch, Gujarat and also a Suratee Sunni Vohra who is not present among us. Innalillahi wa inna ilayhi rajiun.
                        Late Ahmedbhai also known as Babubhai Patel had served every single person of nation & society without any discrimination and not willing to recieve any reward which was unbelievable. Many institutes & organizations feels orphan today as Ahmedbhai had helped them without any intense to come in limelight of media.
                        Late  Ahmedbhai’s Father Mohammed Ishak Patel was also famous social worker of Bharuch district. He was known by nickname as Kanti Patel. Mohammed bhai patel was born in 1911 at Piraman, (Ankleshwar). He had studied till 5th class and then he devoted his life to social works.
                       He was a Congress Protagonist of Bharuch district, Founder & President of Ankleshwar cooperative society, President of Supervising Union of Ankleshwar, Director of Bharuch District cooperative Bank, Member of Ankleshwar Taluka Panchayat and had served many Organization. Mohammedbhai was elected by goverment as a member of Bharuch District Development board. Janab Mohammedbhai Patel passed away on 16/08/1976 and buried at Piraman.                 

                        Ahmedbhai Patel mother’s name was Havaben Mohammedbhai Patel. Ahmedbhai Patel was born on 21st August, 1949 at Piraman, Ta. Ankleshwar Dist. Bharuch. He had completed his study till 4th class at Piraman government school. After that, from Std. 5th to High School he was at E.N.Ginwala High School, Ankleshwar.  Thenafter, He completed his Bachelor Degree (B.Sc) from J.P. Arts & Science College, Bharuch (VNSGU, Surat). During his college days also Ahmedbhai was very enthusiastic and had participated in different activities. Specially he was great cricket player.
After completing his graduation, he obtained LLB Degree from M.S. University, Baroda.
In 1976, he got married to Memunaben.
                       Till his last breath he was the member of Rajysabha. During his 43 years in Lok Sabha & Rajysabha he had served many committees, but his most important role was as a political secretary of Indian National Congress President Mrs. Sonia Ghandhi.
His contribution in congress organization was irrefutable, specially from 2004 to 2014 his role in UPA government was remembered as “CHANAKYA”. Also he was served as trouble shooter whenever Congress Party faced difficulties.
                       From 2018 he was enduring a duty as Congress Treasurer. Ahmedbhai devoted his 43 prestigious years in Congress as a strong Gujarati. He was also associated with many social organizations along with his political life.   

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