B.E. (Computer Engineering)
Rahela Abubakar Bham of Rander Passed B.E. (Computer Engineering) exam taken through Gujatrat Technological University, Ahmedabad with first class. She praises her village and our community. we congratulate her and wish all the success in the future ventures.               
B.E.(Electronics &Communication Engg)
Muaviya Ibrahim Lala of Surat passed B.E. (Electronics & Communication Engineering) exam taken through Gujatrat Technological Univ., Ahmedabad with first class.. He praises his village and our community. we congratulate him and wish all the success in future ventures.
Sadiya Faruq Baduda
Percentage-91.00 %
Mariya M.Hanif Limbada
Percentage-76.42 %
Proud of Gujarat Hazrat Maulana Abdullah Patel Kapodravi Sb. passed away
A great well wisher of our community and the most respectful person Hazrat Maulana Abdullah Ismail Patel passed away on 10 July 2018, Tuesday at Kapodara.
Many people from different villages and different community had been gathered in his funeral ceremony.
He was very keen in spreading Islam, treat every person with equality and also payed a key role in development of village and community. Till his last breath he was very tensed about the village and community. At the last age, he was suffered from Cancer but still there was always smile on his face.His identity in Kapodara village had made all villagers proud today, yesterday and would be proud future also, Inshaallah. Till his last breath, he wascontinuously doing good deeds and had completed all the responsibilities wisely.
We pray to almighty Allah to grant him highest position in Jannah. Aameen.
Congratulations to Hafiza Sayma A. Sidat (Canada)
Hafiza Sayma A.Aziz Sidat completed hifz-e-Quran at Madressa of Jamia Abubakar Siddiq Masjid. On this occasion her father Mr. Abdul Aziz arranged party for friends and relatives and also donate Rs.2500 to our society.
DEATH(INNALILLAH) : Ahmed Mol. Shafi Bham (Dabhel) and Rabiya Ismail Motala (Adda) passed away.
ARRIVAL: Suleman Ibrahim Kola and Muhammad Suleman Kola from Kharod-India.
Gulamnabi Ismail Laher and Fatemabahen Gulamnabi Laher came from Alipor-India.
Yusuf Saleh Patel (Aliporewala) with family returned after completion of Umrah.
GONE : Farah Soyeb Patel (Kathodarawala) married with Mohammed A. Rashid Bhaimohammed at Manchester.
                        Ismail Ahmed Lambat (Manchester)

We feel and most of our readers will agree that we Surti Sunni Vohras need to make strenuous efforts to come together as an endogamous group to look at our endogamous group members' needs. We feel a combined and co-ordinated effort could help us come closer to gether to live as practising Muslims as well as citizens of our country. We feel we need to develop ways and means to identify our needs as Muslims and as citizens of our country. From our observations and experiences gained as a fellowVohra and by listening to our brothers and sisters we feel we have distanced ourselves from our fellow Vohras, from other Muslims and from those who are not Muslims. We feel we need to make very serious efforts as Vohras to come together. As Vohras we all know we belong to the same endogamous group but knowing this is not enough. Our belonging to the Vohra endogamous group is useful as it helps us keep our Vohra identity but, it does not help us have a single voice where and when this isneeded. As Muslims we feel there is need for us to know about other endogamous groups residing in predominantly Vohra villages, in our neighbouring towns and cities and across the Gujarat State and learn about their social, economic and educational achievements. Besides this it is equally important to learn about the social, economic and educational achieve-ments of those who are not Muslims who live in villages predomi-nantly inhabited by Vohras or in neighbouring villages, towns andcities. The divisions we suffer from as Vohras are of our own making.
These divisions are not dictated by our religious beliefs. Historically speaking we always had divisions and with the progress of time we came to have more divisions.


                 Today we can see the excellent progress of M.A.I. Trust with the grace of Allah Taala. On one side the tremendous efforts of the organizers of M.A.I. Trust can be seen. On the other side there are the dauntless efforts of DR.MOOSAJI D.M. LOCKHAT Saheb and family's deep love, enthusiasm, charity and sincere devotion and great sacrifices for this institution. DR.MOOSAJI Saheb is the gem of LOCKHAT family. His good deeds are countless. He has always been a good guide and inspirator of the community and society.

                  He has been practicing as a doctor for the last 46 years in ENGLAND. He was the President of Kathor Muslim Society in U.K. He is a great lover of education, technical scientist, possessor of progressive thoughts, noble and honest social worker. He and his wife Mrs.SHIRIN (ZUBEDA) LOCKHAT Saheba and their daughters DR.FARHANABANU and DR.HASEENABANU are also deeply devoted towards the progress and welfare of the Muslim community.

                  DR.MOOSAJI D.M. LOCKHAT Saheb and his family offered all possible assistance and co-operation to M.A.I. Trust so that the Trust could help the children to acquire good and quality education and they can compete with other communities and make their life more happy and progressive.

The following are the assistance offered by DR.MOOSAJI D.M. LOCKHAT Family to our institution:

  1. Mrs. Mariyambibi D.M. Lockhat Primary Girls School
  2. Haji D.M. Lockhat Primary Boys School
  3. Mrs.Shirin (Zubeda) Dr.Moosaji Lockhat Primary School Computer Hall
  4. Physics Laboratory Dedicated to The Memory of Beloved Father Haji Suleman I. Vawda (Donated By Dr.Moosaji & Mrs.Zubedabibi Lockhat) in M.A.I. Girls High School
  5. Dr.Moosaji & Abdullah D.M. Lockhat English Medium Higher Secondary School
  6. Mrs.Shirin (Zubeda) & Dr.Moosaji Lockhat English Medium Science Academy
  7. Gujarati Medium Primary Section Construction of Rooms
  8. Ayeshabibi D.M. Lockhat M.A.I. Girls High School Section Construction
  9. Prize Distribution for Students
  10. Late Haji D.M. Lockhat M.A.I. Boarding Construction Fund
  11. Dr.Farhanabanu & Dr.Haseenabanu M.A.I. Book Bank Capital Fund
  12. M.A.I. Xerox Fund
  13. Hajiyani Khatijabibi & Ayeshabibi D.M. Lockhat Memorial Hall Donated by Haji D.M. Lockhat Charitable Trust

* Every year he also gives prizes of 25,000/- Rupees to the RANKER Students.
* Every year he also gives 50,000/- Rupees for Book Bank for POOR Students.
* In Std:- 11th SCIENCE Students Scholarship -1,50,000/
* In Std:- 12th SCIENCE Students Scholarship - 1,82,000/

                 DR.MOOSAJI D.M. LOCKAHT Saheb Family and Late Haji D.M. LOCKHAT Family has donated Rs. 1,20,00,000/- (One Crore Twenty Lakh Rupees) to different sections & M.A.I. Educational Campus till today. Beside this help these family has been giving Rs, 4,07,000/- (Four Lakh Seven Thousand Rupees) every year as a part of scholarship and other help. We extend hearty thanks to DR.MOOSAJI D.M. LOCKHAT Saheb and his Family and Haji D.M. LOCKHAT Family. May Allah Taala reward him here and hereafter for his noble deeds. (Aameen)

                  DR.MOOSAJI D.M. LOCKAHT Saheb is always thinking for the educational field. He had dreamed to have a SCIENCE FACULTY in our M.A.I. Campus for last many years. He wished that clever students of Kathor and surrounding area, especially of English Medium should have facility of Science Stream education with normal fees. He knew very well the importance of science education being a doctor and a science former student. Therefore, Dr.MOOSAJI LOCKHAT family has donated a big amount of Rs. 20,00,000/- (Twenty Lakh Rupees) to start science stream for the English Medium students.

                  With the grace of Allah Taala and big support and kind co-operation of a great donor DR. M00SAJI D.M. LOCKHAT Saheb and his family, M.A.I. Trust could start "MRS.SHIRIN (ZUBEDA) DR.MOOSAJI LOCKHAT ENGLISH MEDIUM SCIENCE ACADEMY, KATHOR" in year 2015-16 in M.A.I. Educational campus. Alhamdulilaah 2 years are completed of this Science Academy and result of the First Batch STD:-12th is 71 %. It is a good result of Science Stream. Like this way, "DR.MOOSAJI & ABDULLAH D.M. LOCKHAT ENGLISH MEDIUM HIGHER SECONDARY SECTION (GENERAL STREAM), KATHOR" STD:-12th H.S.C. result of MARCH-2018 is 88.88% & "LATE AYESHABIBI D. M. LOCKHAT GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL SECTION M.A.I. GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL" STD:- 10th S.S.C result of March 2018 is 82.81%. Absolutely, this is very good result of Higher Secondary Section. Many students of this stream have secured Distinction and First Class in the board examinations. Certainly,the credit of the result of both of the sections goes to DR.MOOSAJI D.M. LOCKHAT Saheb and his family, whose assistance and generosity helped this institution to make the developmental progress in the field of education. It has become possible because of charity and a great encouragement to the students not only to pass but, to secure good percentage of marks in the board examinations.

                  The students of Muslim community as well as other communities are getting the good benefit of the "SCIENCE ACADEMY" as well as "ENGLISH MEDIUM HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL" and many students will take more and more benefit in future too. Really, it is a good platform to build-up the carrier and bright future for the students of all communities.

                  We appreciate his love and concern for the development and progress of M.A.I. institution. We express our deepest gratitude to Mohtaram Haji DR.MOOSAJI D.M. LOCKAHT Saheb and his family members for their invaluable assistance, co-operation and generosity. May Allah accept his sincere efforts and generosity for such nobile deeds and reward him and his family in both the worlds. (Aameen, Yaa Rabbul Alameen)

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