Mariyam Ibrahim Bagia  of  Rander,  who is currently working as a teaching assistant in Chemical department of VNSGU completed Phd in area of  Silica based potential sorbents derived from agricultural detritus for eviction of toxic metal pollujtants  under the guidence of
ex-professor of university Dr. Bhavnabahen Shah at Veer Nurmad South Gujarat University, Surat. She also awarded with Maulana Azad National Fellowship by U.G.C.New Delhi during this research. We congratulate her and wish all the success in the future ventures.  
Yusuf Salim Abhi of Kosad and scholar of our society passed Bachelor of Physiotherapy exam taken through Veer Nurmad South Gujarat University,Surat at Bhartimaiya college of optometry & physiotherapy, Surat. We congratulate him and wish all the success in the future ventures.               
Mo. Rizwan A.Rashid Master of Hathuran passed MCA exam taken through Charotar University of science and technology, Changa with first class distinction. we congratulate him and wish all the success in the future ventures.               
Rahima Asif Kadwa  native of  Hathuran  and currently settled at America passed Bachelor in Computer Science exam taken through Fordham University New york with first class distinction. We congratulate her and wish all the success in the future ventures.       
Noman Anwar Husain Vadiya of Ravidra passed B.Sc. exam taken through Veer Nurmad South Gujarat University,Surat at J.P. College, Bharuch with first class. We congratulate him and wish all the success in the future ventures.               
Ishak Ibrahim Lala of Surat and passed Diploma Pharmacy exam taken through Gujarat Technological University, Ahmedabad at A.R. College of Pharmacy, Vidhyanagar. We congratulate him and wish all the success in the future ventures.               
Mariyambibi Usman Mamun of Variyav passed Post Graduate Diploma in International Business Operations exam taken through Indira Gandhi national open University, Delhi. We congratulate her and wish all the success in the future ventures.               
  1. Assistant Secretary of our society Janab Yusufbhai Motala's sister Mohtarma Zubeda Muhammad Manga passed away on 14-05-2019 (Tuesday) at Diva village.
  2. Mohtarma Fatimabibi Musa Amla passed away on 22-05-2019 (Wednesday) at Surat. She was the sister of Marhum Pro. M.M. Amla's and also aunty of our managing committe member Mr. Ahmedbhai Amla.
  3. Zakariya Tarajiya (Age-65) passed away at Canada.
Presented By: Muhammadbahi Pandor Jitaliwala
  1. MARRIAGE-ENGAGEMENT: Dr. Harun Hashim Motala Addawala married with Mubasshira Mobin Mirza Malekporwala at London.
  2. DEATH (INNALILLAH) : Ahmedbhai Hafeji Tarajwala and Saeeda Ibrahim Mansur passed away.
  3. ARRIVAL: Muahammadbhai Sallu (German) Ambhetawala and Ahmed Hasan Karolia Lakhawadiwala returned after completion of Umrah. Ashrafbhai Diwan came from Lajpor-India. Harun Hasan Basar and Nazimabahen Harun Basar returned after Egypt holidy.

Society is also distributing cash prize, Medals and Merit Certificates to the students of  community who got the higher rank in SSC and HSC examination under various scheme, so that the students can motivate for further study.
Students are requested to send their copy of marksheet and also write Name, Address, Phone Number, School Name on the back of marksheet copy along with passport size photograph for cash price and medals.
Click Here for more details about Medals and prices.

Al-Falah Girls Hostel-Kholvad

Our society managing Al-Falah Girls Hostel in Kholvad for 11-12 std. All vohra girls students who are plannig for 11-12 (Arts-commerce-science) and interested to stay at our hostel are requested to take admission as early as possible. From this year society also give admission to Commerce-Arts students. Also take admission in M.A.I. Madressa Highschool- Kholvad. Our hostel is just 2 minute walking distance from M.A.I. School.

Scholarship Forms (All)
  1. Scholarship form will be available at society office- Surat from 01-05-2019 to 30-06-2019.
  2. Last date of form submission - 30-06-2019.
  3. Form Price- Rs.20. (Moneyorder Rs.25, if you want to receive throgh post).
Widow Fund Forms
  1. Forms will be available at society office- Surat from 01-05-2019 to 30-06-2019.
  2. Benefit also given to Suratee Sunni Vohra widows from Zakat Fund.
  3. Attach copy of Husband's death certificate, Ration Card and Aadhar Card is mandatory.
Note: No need to fill forms for those widow who are already getting benefit with this scheme.
Minimum Qualification : S.S.C. pass
Offered Courses
Mechnical Engineering
120 seat
Civil Engineering
60 seat
Electrical Engineering
60 seat
Computer Engineering
60 seat
D.Voc in Software Dev.
50 seat
SSIP grant Approved
Our esteemed institute A Y Dadabhai Technical institute, Kosamba has signed MOU with Gujarat Knowledge Society (GKS) on 29/5/2019. and also Goverment of Gujarat has sanctioned 2 lakh Rs/year grant for 3 years to promote innovation & startup for SSIP center at our institute.
Campus Selection
  1. 9 students selected in ABC Bearing, Bharuch.
  2. 16 mechanical students selected in SKH Y-TEC India Pvt Ltd(An Indo-Japan joint venture) at Maruti Suzuki Park, Becharaji.
A Humble Appeal to Our Generous Donors
We Appreciate and express our Co-hearted Gratitude to our generous donors all over the world for their kind & sympathetic consideration and praises for charities to our THE SURATEE SUNNI  VOHRA  MUSLIM EDUCATION  SOCIETY, SURAT. We hope they will continue this noble deeds during the holy month of RAMDAN. Insha Allah. 
We assure our Philanthropic that every Penny paid to the Society will be utilized rightly and judiciously for the needy and most deserving persons of the Community. The long and useful Services rendered by our Society in the following various fields will testify the rapid progress made during the last seventy one years.

1. Scholarship to needy students
2. Scholarship to Diniyat students
3. Medical help to poor and needy people.
4. Financial help to helpless widow.
5. Running a residencial school at Kondh

You may deposit your donation directly in our Foreign Bank Account No. (UBININBBSUR)
SB A/C 311302010006567 
Union Bank of India, Station Road Branch, Surat OR Through our following authorized well wishers.
For list of our authorized well wisher Click Here

Till now society already helped 1,00,778 students with Rs.18,15,37,794 scholarship. During this 71 years, Thousends of students completed thier education and settled in India or abroad. Now, they also give donation to the society.
Today, Education is more expensive, so, we need more money to spent on student's scholarship. We request all the scholars of our society to help us with your Zakat, Sadkah or Lillah money for betterment of education in our next generation.
                                                                                                                                                                                                  ISMAIL AHMED LAMBAT  

           We feel and most of our readers will agree with us that we SURTI SUNNI VOHRAS have historically been very weak at inviting possible reverts to ISLAM and helping them to learn about our beautiful religion. Regretfully this also led our SURTI SUNNI VOHRAS to pay no or very little attention to the religious needs of those women from non-Muslim communities who married our village-based brothers. Besides giving them Muslim names, their other religious needs were not or very seldom taken care of. To us SUNNI SURTI VOHRAS they were 'NEW MUSLIMS' and were very often treated as “outsiders” at weddings, funerals and at social/religious gatherings. 
                We SURTI SUNNI VOHRAS living in Britain have not under gone much change in our thinking from our historical past when providing those who seek information on Islam and helping those who revert to ISLAM to learn about our religion. We can attend prayers at any of the many masajid across Britain run by our SURTI SUNNI VOHRAS and see reverts offering their NAMAAZ as SHAFIS. This we feel helps provide proof of our lack of effort in helping reverts to join us as HANAFIS. There is need for us to admit that whilst we SURTI SUNNI VOHRAS have played very important roles in making available masajid, madaris and dar-ul-ulooms across Britain we failed to talk to those who showed interest in learning about ISLAM and we feel we left this very important piece of work to others. 
                There is a need for us SURTI SUNNI VOHRAS to become interested in developing work with those who show an interest in learning about ISLAM. We feel such persons not only need to be introduced to our ULEMA or the imams of our masajid but they need long term support. Many a times we come across instances where someone interested in reverting to ISLAM is asked/helped to recite the KALIMA. This for many of the reverts is unfortunately the beginning and the end of accepting ISLAM. We feel we need to show more as well as sustained interest to help the new comers to know more about ISLAM to enable them to become part of our Muslim community, become practicing Muslims and remain steadfast as Muslims.  
                We feel we need to become aware and interested in the changes our SURTI SUNNI VOHRA endogamous group in Britain is undergoing and the challenges these changes are bringing along. Our system of arranging marriages of our children is fast losing its role. Similarly, our old system of cousins marrying cousins has disappeared or is about to disappear. A growing number of our young people of marriageable age no longer depend on their parents, or other relatives to seek marriage partners for them. A growing number of males as well as females who wish to get married look for their own partners. 
                Whilst most look for marriage partners from our SURTI SUNNI VOHRA endogamous group many of our young men and women prefer to marry persons of their choice. As a result of this we are being regularly joined through marriage by both Muslim men as well as women and by men and women reverts to Islam from different religious, ethnic and racial groups. With the progress of time we feel our SURTI SUNNI   endogamous group will continue to become composed of persons from different racial and ethnic groups as more and more of our men and women seek life partners of their choice whilst preferring to remain with or in close contact with their family members and members of our endogamous group. We now have within the SURTI SUNNI VOHRA endogamous group men and women from Pakistani, Bangladeshi, white British, Malaysian, Chinese, African, African- Caribbean, Arab and Somali origins or backgrounds and their numbers are growing as more and more of our members seek life partners from outside our endogamous group.
                There is nothing wrong, unusual or surprising with the type of expansion through marriage our endogamous group is undergoing. We feel we should feel happy with the fact that barring a few most of the non-Muslim men or women who get married to SURTI SUNNI VOHRA men or women revert to ISLAM. Historically we SURTI SUNNI VOHRAS reverted from some Hindu castes or sub-castes and later we were joined by members of other castes, sub-castes and ethnic and racial groups. If we look at our VOHRA brothers and sisters or look at our own family members, we will notice how different we look from the others. We have among our VOHRAS some who are tall and of slim build and others who are not so tall. We have those who are very light of complexion and others who are dark. We feel the new comers who join our SURTI SUNNI VOHRA endogamous group will help our group to have more variety in our sizes, shapes and colours and at the same time help our endogamous group to have more members.
                We feel we should welcome all the new comers to the SURTI SUNNI VOHRA endogamous group and provide them with the assistance they need. Some of those who join us from other Muslim communities will not need much support in learning about Islam. The support such persons will need will be about learning of our endogamous group. We feel such persons should be helped to understand our culture or what remains of our culture as we too like other communities living in Britain have lost many aspects of our culture. We would also like the new comers to our endogamous group to learn some ' GET-BY' GUJARATI to allow them to form closer ties especially with our older members.
                Those women or men who revert to Islam on marrying our men folk or our women folk will need more support to learn about Islam and our endogamous group and our culture. We feel we must not leave such persons to find their own way. They must be helped and supported to learn about Islam and our endogamous group. This will help them get close to Islam and to our endogamous group.

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