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Asif Yusuf Bharuchi blessed with baby boy named Abubakar.
Nadim A.Baqi Variyava blessed with baby boy.
Haji A.Rahman Ahmed Vesmiya with wife with Munirabai returned to U.K.Quari Suleman A.Hai Bhana Patel and Salma Shabbir Ranguni returned to S.Africa.
MAARIAGE-ENGAGEMENTS: Zuveriya Harun Basar Aaliporewala married with Hafiz Dr. Ismail Mallu Thalawala and Ismail A.Rahman Patel Aaliporewala married with Safiya Mayat Aaliporewala.
DEATH(INNALILLAH) : Ismail Hasanji Bobat Mangrolwala, Munavvarbhai Ghari Killapardiwala and Sulemanbhai Dadhiwala passed away.
ARRIVAL: Gulambhai Maniyar and Ayshaben Maniyar returned after completion of Umarh.
DEPARTURES : MuhammadAmin Ibrahim Laher (Sisal) went to Aalipre-India.
Aiyub Soyab Karodiya, native of Hathuran passed M.B.A. exam taken through Gujarat Technological University at Narmada College of Management, Bharuch with First Class. We congratulate him and wish all the success in the future ventures.
Bachelor of Computer
MuhammadSadik Ismail Koliya, native of Hathuran passed Bachelore of Computer exam taken through Gujarat Technological University at Bharuch College with First Class. We congratulate him and wish all the success in the future ventures.
Master Of Scienece
Femida Yunus Patel, native of Mahuvej passed Master of Scienece exam taken through Veer Nurmad South Gujarat University with First Class. We congratulate her and wish all the success in the future ventures.
Bachelor of Computer
Najiya Muhammad Hanif Manakh, native of Sayan passed Bachelor of Computer exam taken through North Maharastra University, Jalgaun at Akkalkuwa College with First Class. We congratulate her and wish all the success in the future ventures.
Holy Ramadan is Follows
A Humble Appeal to Our Generous Donors
           We Appreciate and express our Co-Hearted Gratitude to Our generous donors all over the world for their kind & sympathetic consideration and praises for generous charities to our THE SURATEE SUNNI  VOHRA  MUSLIM EDUCATION  SOCIETY, SURAT. We hope they will continue this noble deed during the coming holy month of RAMDAN too. Insha Allah.
You may deposit your donation directly in our Foreign Bank Account No. (UBININBBSUR)
SB A/C 311302010006567
Union Bank of India, Station Road Branch, Surat OR Through our following authorized well wishers.
Admission Open
A.Y.Dadabhai Technical Institute
Minimum Qualification : S.S.C. pass
Offered Courses
Mechnical Engineering
120 seat
Civil Engineering
60 seat
Electrical Engineering
60 seat
Computer Engineering
60 seat
Ramadan is the most precious month in the Islamic calendar (Hijri) and it is obligatory for the Muslims to fast in the month of Ramadan. Here are some interesting and quick points that shows the importance of Ramadan in Islam.
  1. Allah has made fasting this month the fourth Pillar of Islam
  2. Allah revealed the Quran in this month
  3. Allah has made Laylat al-Qadr (The Night of Decree/Power) in this month, which is better than a thousand months
  4. Allah has made fasting Ramadan and spending its nights in prayer out of faith and in the hope of reward a means of forgiveness of sins
  5. In this month, Allah opens the gates of Paradise and closes the gates of Hell, and chains up the devils
  6. Every night Allah has people whom He redeems from the Fire
  7. Fasting Ramadan is a means of expiation for the sins committed since the previous Ramadan, so long as one avoids major sins
  8. Fasting in Ramadan is equivalent to fasting ten months
  9. Whoever prays Qiyaam in Ramadan with the Imaam until he finishes, it will be recorded for him that he spent the whole night in prayer
  10. Umra’h in Ramadhaan is equivalent to Hajj
  11. It is Sunnah to observe I’tikaaf (retreat for the purpose of worship) in Ramadan
  12. It is Mustahabb in the sense of being strongly recommended in Ramadan to study the Quran together and to read it to a great deal
  13. It is Mustahabb in Ramadan to offer Iftaar to those who are fasting
According to the Hanafi madhab, Zakat has to be paid by Muslim adults who are mentally sane and in possession of an amount of wealth [net assets] above the Nisab.
Gold and silver are the two values used to calculate the Nisab threshold. The Nisab is the value of 87.48 grams of gold or 612.36 grams of silver. You can find the current values on website or at a jewellery store.
In the Hanafi madhab, the value of silver is used to ascertain the Nisab threshold and eligibility to pay Zakat.
You first become eligible to pay Zakat the day your wealth hits the Nisab threshold. The Zakat is calculated and paid 2.5% on the wealth of a person after a full lunar  / Islamic year. A lunar year is about 354 days long.
Here’s what should be included in your Assets:
  1. Cash in the bank and at home
  2. Cash saved for special purposes e.g. wedding, hajj, car purchase, etc.
  3. The value of Gold and Silver you own
  4. The value of Shares at their market price
  5. Money owed to you, which is highly likely to be repaid.
  6. If you own a business, the balance sheet value of the Stock you possess.
  7. If you own properties, any rental income that’s been saved.

Here’s what should be included in your Liabilities:

  1. Money you owe to others i.e. personal loans [from banks and friends], credit card debts, etc.
  2. Current month’s Rent/Mortgage payment or Arrears
  3. Bills that are due
  4. If you own a business, then business expenses e.g. rent, rates, salaries, utility bills, etc.
  5. Short term business loans and overdraft amounts are included in your liabilities.
The calculation for your Wealth/Net Assets is:
Assets – Short Term Liability = Your Wealth.

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